They call it 'Hyper-local' journalism, but why not just call it journalism?

Hyper-local journalism is a term that you might have stumbled across in 2012. And since then, the subject has grown in scope. But it divides opinion? Some might call it a new and an emerging sector but perhaps community rather than hyper local fits?

But what does it mean? It could be termed a hybrid, a cross between a local newspaper and a local library notice board. Digital plays a key part in its inception, with a website and/or blog working towards a printed edition.

It perhaps captures echoes of centuries old coffee houses, where debate, ideas and commerce were discussed at length and over a coffee. Now, perhaps the digital element is mixed in amongst the talk, news and gossip to create layers of a new kind of public digital space. 

Perhaps, its the appeal of the community possibly covering stories that might go unreported?

It might help add a new mix, a bit of media plurality.  So let's see and wait to see if community journalism can deliver?  

They comes in all shapes and sizes and not one model generally fits. It could be a blog about a street garden, a postcode lottery of schools and/or an even wider local issue. A notable abundance of them have sprung up, filling gaps in local news stories, particularly in areas where geographical reach makes local news a challenge, leaving news coverage dwindling in the margins. 

But what about all the noise I hear, too many websites, blogs and social media crowding the space. Yes, true, but that's not ever stopped the debate. Has it? 

So, here we go, here is the first foray into exploring how it will work in Enfield.

If you're interested in stories, community and journalism or just want to develop your own writing, filming, photographs, we would be delighted to hear from you. The more the merrier. I guess that's the spirit of community right?