Regulation by IMPRESS

I am writing to inform you that [          Entwo ltd                  ] is now regulated by IMPRESS: the independent monitor for the press.  As part of these new arrangements
[             Entwo ltd       ] has adopted the IMPRESS Standards Code and a new Complaints Policy, Complaints Procedures and Whistleblowing Policy which all employees and contributors are required to adhere to.  

We will be publicising this to our readers by telling them how they can complain to us and by displaying the IMPRESS Trust in Journalism logo in our publication(s). You may view these new arrangements by clicking on the following link.

In summary, the main changes that affect you are as follows:

1.    You are required to observe the ethical standards and guidelines set out in the IMPRESS Standards Code. http://impress.press/standards/


2.    As an employee/contributor to [       Entwo ltd                     ] you have a contractual right to use the IMPRESS whistleblowing hotline and to decline to breach the Standards Code without fear of any action or sanctions being taken against you. http://impress.press/complaints/whistleblowers.html


3.    You must report complaints or compliance failures to Martin Russo without delay.