[Entwo for Enfield]




Relevant complaints policies

The Complaints Policy and Procedures adopted on 16/09/2017, Whistleblowing Policy adopted on 16/09/2017]


Internal authority structure

Entwo ltd owns the publication, currently the editor and founder manages the website, any contributing editors or writers would report to the editor for approval of a story, and they would report and be accountable to the editor, where editorial control lies, The Managing Director of Entwo is responsible for legal and compliance and how conflicts of interest are managed to ensure that editors are not responsible for investigating complaints against their own decisions e.g. [Entwo for Enfield] is owned by [Entwo].  It is run by a one person board of [Martin Russo. Entwo for Enfield is managed by Martin Russo who is accountable to for the company.  Martin Russo is responsible for legal and compliance standards and is accountable to [Martin Russo/ Editor and Founder].  Martin Russo is the Editor and is accountable to [Entwo ltd, Martin Russo. In the event of a conflict of interest, I will refer them to IMPRESS as the organisation to deal with a complainant.

If a complainant is unhappy with my resolution of a complaint or that I have a conflict of interest in investigating their complaint fairly, I will refer them to IMPRESS.’



Person responsible for code compliance

[Martin Russo, Managing Director is responsible for code compliance for the publication]


Person to whom complaints are first reported

[Martin Russo, Managing Director for the publication to whom any complaints are first reported]


Steps to deal with failures in code compliance

Compliance failures are reported to Martin Russo.  Martin Russo will review all compliance failures every quarter.  A quarterly action plan is drawn up and key points arising from compliance failures are distributed to the editorial team and all contributors to Entwo for Enfield.